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Online roulette offers one of the coolest casino games in cyberspace – with an array of betting options and various ways to 'attack' the table. However, despite the game's fundamental simplicity, there are many different ways to play, so check them out and arm yourself with some top roulette tips………….

Lucky roulette
Roulette has been called many things through the centuries, including the Devil's Game (number on the reel = 666) – but above all, it's known as a game of luck (although many serious gamers argue otherwise!). Essentially – you can start out playing roulette with 100% good fortune – making picks based on your 'lucky numbers', special dates or simply random choices! Theoretically, every number on the reel has the same chance of winning, while each table section has specific odds – so you can always weight-up the risks and rewards. Since you can play roulette with spin levels as low as 0.10, roulette can be played regularly without a big gaming bank (meaning you can always rely on luck every time you play, if that's how you wish to game).

Analyse your results
The logical step for new roulette players is to casually analyse the type of results that occur regularly. For example, the most obvious thing about the roulette table is the fact that even money wagers win very frequently, and have nearly 50% chance of winning. In contrast, single numbers don't win so often – but when they do, you get a payout to match! Once you see patterns emerging, you're sure to come up with a number of your own betting methods to try and get more success.

Try roulette systems
Is roulette really a game of luck – or is there a strategic way to boost your gaming results and payout regularity? Well, while roulette may contain a significant element of good fortune – the game's wagers also have specific probabilities. In addition, bets such as even money and the dozen bets win with significant regularity. Because these bets can be predicted to statistically win frequently, many roulette systems have been developed to try and 'beat the odds'. One interesting roulette system is the Dozen Betting Strategy – which focuses on low (1-12), middle (13-25) and high (26-38) table sections.

> Spin the reel without betting (or place 1 unit on red and 1 on black)
> Note the spins and look for a cycle of 5 bets where one of the low, mid or high do not win
> Once you have identified a qualifying run of roulette spins – bet on the table area with the staking plan below (you must re-start the system after a winning bet)……..

Wager number Wager level
1 £1
2 £2
3 £3
4 £4
5 £6
6 £9
7 £13
8 £20
9 £30
10 £45
11 £67

Naturally – roulette systems are not 'guaranteed' to work – however they can win with alarming regularity, due to their statistical concepts. Nevertheless – only use roulette systems with money you can afford to lose, skim winnings regularly and use sensible stop loss limits. 
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